Gerry Alanguilan

Alanguilan in 2011 Doroteo Gerardo N. Alanguilan, Jr. (20 January 1968 – 21 December 2019), also known in the Philippines by his alias Komikero, was a Filipino comic book artist, writer, and architect from San Pablo, Laguna. He was an important figure in the Philippine comics renaissance of the 1990s and early 2000s, and is known internationally for his graphic novels ''Wasted'' and ''Elmer'', and for his inking on American superhero comics such as ''Wetworks'', ''X-Men'', ''Superman: Birthright'', ''Wolverine'', and ''Fantastic Four''.

Many of Alanguilan's titles take place in the Philippines or feature Filipino characters, such as ''Elmer'', ''Johnny Balbona'', ''Humanis Rex!'', and ''Timawa''. He incorporated elements of social commentary in his work, especially ''Elmer'', which satirizes racism. The protagonist of Whilce Portacio and Brian Haberlin's comic series ''Stone'', Gerry Alan, is named for him. Provided by Wikipedia
by Alanguilan, Gerry.
Published 2010